All Time Famous Mexican Soccer Players

Mexican soccer has always been known for producing quality players, and it’s quite surprising that their greatest national team record is reaching the quarter-finals of a World Cup (on two occasions, 1970 and 1986, both of these World Cups being organized with Mexico). On the other hand, the Mexican national side has always been a constant presence in final tournaments, and it is regarded as a difficult nut to crack, despite their lack of silverware.

Futbol Mexicano team has several well-versed players who are famous in worldwide. Let us have a short look at some of the players that made Mexico the dominant soccer power it’s now.

Famous Mexican Soccer Players – Antonio Carbajal

Nicknamed “El Cinco Copas,” or “Five Cups,” Antonio Carbajal was the first player to ever take part in 5 World Cups with his national team and has just been equaled in 1998, by German legend Lothar Matthaus. Carbajal played Mexico in all of the 5 World Cups that happened between 1950 and 1966.

Famous Mexican Soccer Players – Hugo Sanchez

Hugo Sanchez was among the first Mexico football players to play in Europe at the highest level. He had been an iconic player for Real Madrid between 1985 and 1992; 7 years where he scored no less than 253 goals in 283 matches, a goal/game ratio that can hardly be rivaled.

He also played for the Mexico national team in 60 events, scoring 29 goals and being a significant player in the 1986 World Cup held in Mexico, in which his group was able to equal the quarter-final performance got initially in 1970. Hugo Sanchez is now the manager and coach of the Mexican national club.

Famous Mexican Soccer Players – Borgetti

Borgetti was an Italian and Mexican descent, and as a striker, he joined the flair and power of Italian soccer together with the passion and inventively of Mexican soccer. Although he is still an active football player at age 34, he spent most of his time playing in the Mexican league, even with seven years for Santos Laguna, a period in which he managed to score close to 200 goals in 300 matches.

However, Borgetti’s goal scoring run does not stop here, as he’s also managed to come on top of the Mexican national side’s all-time score sheet, together with 43 goals in 87 fits.

Famous Mexican Soccer Players – Claudio Suarez

Unlike the other Mexican soccer players that get to celebrate new years with a wholly new club about their payroll, Claudio Suarez has just gone through 4 teams during his entire career: UNAM Pumas (1989-1996), Chivas de Guadalajara (1996-1999), UANL Tigres (1999-2005) and Chivas USA (2006). He made a strong impression for all these clubs, and many consider him one of their best Mexican defenders to have played for his country.

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